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Water Garden Ecosystem

A Water Garden Is Nature’s Beauty On Display

Water Garden

Water Garden

A water garden is a fun and relaxing hobby. A water garden is a peaceful way to recharge your body, mind and spirit. Waterfalls are an excellent way to relieve the stress of everyday life. Watching a waterfall can lower your blood pressure. It is a proven fact. If you have fish swimming around enjoying the water garden even better. It is fun to watch your pets swimming around looking for food. You might even get to see your fish trying to swim up the waterfall. And its even more fun to feed them. Once they get used to you feeding them, they will be looking for you everyday. Mine can hear me coming across the deck and they start getting excited swimming around the area where they feed. Some can even be trained to eat right out of your hand. Now take all of that and add some beautiful flowers like waterlilies and you are set. The gorgeous blooms of these magnificent flowers will have you wanting to go see them in your water garden. Water gardening is very easy to do because all things in the water garden work together to create an entire ecosystem.

Water Garden All Living Things Working Together

A water garden is an amazing ecosystem that is run by nature. All things in a water garden work hand in hand to keep the little world running smooth. It starts with the water where all things will live. Then comes the bacteria that consume the waste and turn it into fertilizer for the plants. The plants provide shade, protection and oxygen. The fertilizer helps them grow big and strong. The shade cools the water and blocks the sun from growing algae. The fish waste will also help to fertilize the plants making them grow bigger and produce more oxygen. The waterfalls help to aerate the water removing harmful gases that would otherwise make the fish sick. So not only does the waterfall aerate the water but it also puts oxygen into the water keeping the balance of the water garden. Bacteria and amphibians will find their way to the pond and live there as well. it helps the environment by giving these organisms a place to live and thrive. With the population explosion they need as many of these types of environments as they can find to keep the circle of life rolling on. The more of these environments we can provide the better.

A Great Water Garden Is All About The Construction

When thinking about water gardening think most about where to put the water garden. Because you want it where you can get the most benefit from it. Like right outside a picture window on next to a patio or garden sitting area. Maybe near a fire pit. For the simple reason that you want to be able to relax when viewing it. Which will relieve your stress. The sound of running water is so soothing. Also another big thing to remember is size. When it comes to water gardening size  matters. Always try to make your water  garden as large as possible the first  time. Or you might end up putting it in again when you decide you made it too small. The larger a water garden is the easier it is to take care of. And the more space you have for large plants and large fish the happier you will be. I made mine larger 3  times already and it still isn’t big enough. I need one the size of a large swimming pool. Waterfalls are a must when it comes to water gardening. When my waterfalls are running I can hear them in the spring and summer from my window. The sounds of the frogs croaking at night will put you right to sleep. Another thing to consider when water gardening is depth of the water. Water depth can be a big problem if the Great Blue Heron comes for a visit. Because he can wipe out your whole water garden in one afternoon. But if  the water is too deep he will just move along to another feeding ground. I found this out the hard way. The Great Blue Heron and I had a couple of battles over the years. I would chase him off and he would fly up the street way off into a tall tree. When I got in my car and drove away he would come right back. He sat and watched me leave and would come right back every time. Wiped out all of my fish 3 different times. I was so mad. But they are a protected species and you can’t kill them. So you just have to outsmart them. So I drained all the water gardens and took out all of the plant shelves, made the walls of the pond very steep and very deep. He never came back. If they can stand in your pond and eat they will keep coming back until they have killed all of your fish. One time he just went and killed some fish never even ate them.

In A Water Garden Planting Depths Are Important

When planting plants in a water garden the depths to plant different plants vary. So make sure and do your research before planting water plants. A water-lily has a depth preference from 1 foot deep to almost 4 foot deep depending on the variety. Water lilies are tropical or hardy depending on the variety. Hardy water lilies can handle very low temperatures provided the water garden is deep enough to protect them from freezing solid. Tropical water lilies will not survive our winters(zone 6) unless grown indoors for the winter or pulled from the water garden and stored properly. Which I have not tried yet but plan on it this year. Marginal on the other hand need to be planted near the water’s surface too deep and they will die. Lotus are hardy and can be planted deep up to 4 foot deep. And they are beautiful when they bloom in a water garden. Floating plants do not need to be planted in soil they just float around in your water garden. But keep in mind that these little plants multiply rapidly and can cover a pond completely in just  a couple of weeks. Which is a perfect opportunity to make a little money on the side selling the extra plants. But these plants will not survive our winters unless taken inside and grown indoors. And that can become a very stinky mess. I tried it one year with no success at all. Now that being said under the right conditions it is possible. I just don’t have the capabilities.

A Water Garden Can Be A Great Addition To Any Garden

Along with all the other different types of gardening I do water gardening is one of my favorites. Because you just put all the ingredients together nature takes care of the rest. And you have a stress  relieving way to end or begin your day. The fish are happy to have a nice place to live instead of cramped up in a tank. they have their own little world with everything they need right there for them. Water gardening is a great hobby for kids of all ages. Just be sure to never let a small child around your water garden without supervision. Accidents happen and children can fall in trying to feed fish or touch them. Water gardening is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy life. if you would like to see our product list check out my Amazon Store  www.amazon.com/shops/A13JAQNPXDNX

Thank You

By Jeff Gabelman


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