Bamboo Plants! Privacy!


Bamboo Plants from Gabelman’s Gardens. The source for Bamboo plants in the Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana for the last 17 years. Bamboo plants from Gabelman’s Gardens are guaranteed for 2 years. Located just 15 minutes south of Cincinnati. We are quickly becoming the tri-states largest bamboo plants nursery.

Bamboo Plants Gabelmans Gardens

Bamboo Plants Gabelmans Gardens

Hi there! I’m  Jeff Gabelman. I’ve been growing Bamboo plants for the last 15 years. Bamboo plants are the most widely used plant in the world today. Despite what you think it can be grown in our climate. It has more uses than any other plant in the world today.  It creates 4 times as  much oxygen as the same size stand of trees. Prevents erosion and the canes can be used for millions of things. From Walking sticks to flooring to clothing and even computers. There are thousands of uses for Bamboo and more are discovered every day. The question should be what can’t we make out of bamboo.

Bamboo makes a great natural living privacy screen which is the number one reason people want to buy from us. Bamboo holds its leaves even in the dead of winter. And you get to keep your privacy all year-long.

Our Promise

Gabelman’s Gardens was founded in 1998, and has been providing quality bamboo plants to the public ever since. Located in Alexandria KY, Gabelman’s Gardens is the only bamboo nursery that will educate you on growing your new bamboo plants. We also carry many other landscaping plants and perennials. We even carry water plants for your water gardens. We also carry the fish to go into your pond or water gardens. We have the skill and knowledge to build you the water garden of your dreams. And we guarantee all of our products and service  work. Or we can clean out your old water garden or do a reconstruction. If you would like a Free Estimate give us a call at (859)242-1602. Or Email me We want you to be a success at growing our plants and we will be with you every step of the way with support or gardening advice. If you need help we are glad to be there for you. Or check out my newest store

Thank You

Jeff Gabelman

As a new bamboo enthusiast we will guide you in the proper techniques to growing and maintaining your bamboo. So if your interested in learning more contact us.