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Transplanting Bamboo

Transplanting Bamboo

Transplanting Bamboo Transplant Bamboo

Transplanting Bamboo

When transplanting bamboo it’s always best to get the whole plant in one big root-ball. Of course we all know that sometimes this is impossible. Because the plant gets extremely large so sometimes we have to take the root-balls in manageable sizes. It’s just that the plants taken separate will have to start over and if left together they will grow much faster and continue to size up, and the others will have smaller canes the first year or two. But if you do have to separate take advantage of this time to spread them out and divide them to make your screen longer and wider. Just be prepared for a few years before you see any significant growth. Good luck and keep on growing.

Transplanting Bamboo Get a Good Size Root-ball

It’s been said that what one man can move takes 10 years to mature. What ten men can move takes 1 year to mature. So you should always try to get the largest root-ball that you can possibly handle for the best results. But also remember that if you put it in the truck you gotta get it out of the truck so get one that you can handle lifting twice. Transplanting Bamboo is very hard on your back so be careful.


Always dig your hole about twice the size of your root-ball so that the ground around it is easy for the rhizomes to travel in and they will establish much faster and stronger. By the end of the year you should be able to see the difference. Within 3 years you should see a big difference. But you will thank yourself if you took the largest size root-ball because you will be seeing extraordinary growth. We took these from a 4-5 year old grove with special made shovels and it was the easiest bamboo we have ever dug. Needless to say we will be purchasing some of the shovels real soon.

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Bamboo Containment and Care

Bamboo Containment

Bamboo Containment

Bamboo Containment

This post will teach you the many ways of Bamboo containment and care. There are many ways to contain a running bamboo. You can start by just mowing around your new division. This will keep it semi-contained but if it is allowed to keep running it may  invade an area that you don’t mow. Now if you can mow a large area around the bamboo it can be contained this way. I have a grove of Arundinaria Gigantea that has been growing for many, many years and is completely contained by mowing on one side and forest on the other. However if let go these bamboo thickets or cane breaks can cover very large areas sometimes miles.

Bamboo Containment By Rhizome Pruning

One of the easier ways to contain bamboo is by rhizome pruning. Rhizome pruning is very easy, you just take a flat bladed shovel and push it into the ground. And cut off any rhizomes that surround your bamboo.  It must  be done before the rhizome hardens off. After that it will grow new shoots. Cut rhizomes after the canes(culms) are not actively growing in the fall.  And again in the spring before new growth(shoots) begin. You can also dig a trench around the bamboo. And when the rhizomes grow out into it clip them off. Or the hardest method of bamboo containment of all dig a trench around the bamboo and install a bamboo barrier.

Bamboo Containment Money Making Method

The best method of bamboo containment for me is to dig up the strays and sell them. If you need more information on containing bamboo stop by and we’ll give you step by step instructions and a better understanding on growing and containing bamboo. I now grow 39 different species of bamboo and will have more soon. It is my obsession it is my life and I now cannot live without it. I still contain it but let it run wild for a while so it can mature. For a mature bamboo is a beautiful sight to see. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Thank You for reading.

Gabelman’s Gardens Bamboo
Gabelman's Gardens Bamboo

Gabelman's Gardens Bamboo
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Backyard Privacy Bamboo
Privacy Bamboo

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata 10 pots 1-3 ft tall. Hardy to -15 degrees F.

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Yellow Groove
Living Privacy Screen

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata or Yellow Groove


Phyllostachys Rubromarginata
Phyllostachys Rubromarginata

Phyllostachys Rubromarginata

P. Rubromarginata Bamboo

Phyllostachys Aureocaulis
Phyllostachys Aureocaulis

Phyllostachys Aureocaulis


Pseudosasa Japonica (Arrow Bamboo)
Pseudosasa Japonica

Pseudosasa Japonica


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