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Planting Vegetable Seed Secrets Revealed

Planting Vegetable Seed

Planting Vegetable Seed

Planting vegetable seed is the best way to grow your own vegetables in my honest opinion. One reason I feel this way is because you control everything about growing these vegetables. You can grow them all organic or use fertilizer. My personal favorite way to grow them is all organic. Because I don’t want to have to worry about pesticides or preservatives going into my vegetables. I want only what nature would put in them. I feel like that is the healthiest way to grow them and they will give us the benefits that we need for a strong healthy body. Planting vegetable seed is pretty easy and can be done almost any time of the year with the help of a heated greenhouse. Planting your seed early will result in an early harvest and longer growing season. Which is what we all want regardless of how we grow them. Using rain water to water the plants with will insure no chlorine burn and the plants will thank you for that. I like to use compost tea made from fresh rain water. There is no better option in my opinion.

Planting Vegetable Seed To Sell

Planting vegetable seed to sell is a whole different animal. You are only growing to sell these plants so your attention should be on how to get the most out of your space available. How to grow them as fast as possible. How to grow the healthiest plants possible. Organic vegetable plants sell best and you can charge a little more for them because they are grown organically. And last but not least you need to figure out the best ways to sell your product. Farmers markets and local greenhouse stores will buy your plants from you or help you sell them. And there are many other ways to sell these plants, but I am not going to tell all of my secrets. I will give you another secret. I use bottom heat to grow all of my seed. It helps them germinate faster and the roots grow faster and stronger. That is a fact.

Planting Vegetable Seed Early To Get Ahead Of The Competition

Makes sure you are planting vegetable seed early so that the competition doesn’t beat you to the sale. I made that mistake last year and it cost me. I could have had time to grow and sell to more crops if I hadn’t started so late. So for that I could have made maybe another $2000 if I had started earlier. This year I am getting started a lot earlier and I am going to plan it out much better. Plus I added on to my greenhouse so I have twice the amount of space. It’s gonna be a great year inside my greenhouse and I can’t wait to get started. So I am starting today doing some greenhouse maintenance. So that when I’m ready to plant I won’t have anything stopping me.  I am doubling the size of my vegetable start business and it is a great success so far after 3-4 years of doing it. I really enjoy planting vegetable seed to grow and sell starts and grow for my own use.  www.amazon.com/shops/A13JAQNPXDNX

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By Jeff Gabelman

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