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Rain It does a Bamboo Good


Rain it does a Bamboo Good

Rain It does a Bamboo Good


Rain is one of the essentials for a grove of Bamboo. As we all know no one has the money to go out and water our groves on a regular basis. So nature takes care of that for us. We were in a drought being about 6 inches behind in the rain. Well in the past few days we have seen a deluge of rain showers just pouring rain. In one hour we received about 3 inches of rain, while most of that probably ran off. It did wet the ground so that it could soak up more the next few days. And we got hit hard about 4 more times. This is perfect for my Phyllostachys Aureosulcata or Yellow Groove bamboo. And many others that I could not get to. Like Arundinaria gigantea or River cane and my Phyllostachys Bissettii and Nuda. Also the Phyllostachys Nigra that I have been babying for 3 years now.

There’s Nothing Like a Good Rain Shower

Just watering is not the same as a good long rain. Just by watering the ground is so dry that it sucks up all of the water from around the plant, while a good long rain will wet the whole ground around the plant and the plant will benefit more from the rain. I don’t like to water with the hose because the chemicals in the water. I like to use the water from the rain barrels for one its cheaper and two it’s organic.

Ohio Valley Weather

For as we all know if you don’t like the weather in Cincinnati, just wait 15 minutes and it will change.  I actually live in Alexandria, KY  but most of my groves are in the Cincinnati Area. I am shocked at the number of people who grow bamboo in the Cincinnati area. Bamboo does well in many areas of the country, but does especially well in our zone 6. I’ve seen canes pushing 3-4 inches at the Cincinnati zoo. It’s just incredible and I can’t wait to see these in my own yard and gardens.

Garden Jungle in 3 Months

Garden Jungle in 3 Months

Garden Jungle

Garden Jungle

Go from nothing to a garden jungle in 3 months with the fastest growing woody plant in  the world. As the Bamboo shooting Season winds down. It’s amazing what 3 short months can do for a grove of established bamboo. My (Phyllostachys Aureosulcata)Yellow Groove Bamboo has reached heights of 30+ ft tall and 1 1/2 inches in diameter. This is the most incredible plant that has ever grown in this yard. And it’s doing exactly what I waited 14 years of my impatient life for it to do, Amazing people! I shutter to think what my yard will look like in 14 more years. I only hope I live long enough to see my canes reach 3-4 inches in diameter. At least I know every year I can go to a garden jungle in just 3 months.

Cold Hardy Bamboo

With 34 different species growing as we speak this place will be astounding when all are mature. It will be an absolute paradise and I can’t wait. With a few simple techniques I will keep it all right where I want it and no farther. For more information on containing running bamboo see future blog posts right here. Since writing this post I  have gained another 2 species in my garden jungle. The garden jungle looks fabulous and as we speak each grove is starting to gain strength and vigor.

Garden Jungle Bamboo Growth Rates

By this time next year the garden jungle will have doubled in size and be amazing. My Rubromarginata will be 25 ft tall next year and my P. vivax will be 15 -20 ft tall with large canes and beautiful coloration. This is one of my favorite variegated bamboos. I am anxiously waiting for my P. Aureosulcata “Aureocaulis” to put up some nice sized canes, it’s been in the ground about 5 years and seems to be sizing up  very slowly. It’s crazy how the fastest growing woody plant in the world sometimes takes so long to size up. It takes patience to grow bamboo for the simple fact that bamboo takes a long time to establish a grove unless you start with many divisions. It’s been said that bamboo sleeps, creeps and leaps. The first year it spends its time growing rhizomes so you don’t see much growth above ground. The second year it sends those rhizomes far and wide, and puts up some medium size shoots. The third year it leaps and you will see a tremendous amount of growth. And you will go from a small garden to a garden jungle in 3 months.

Gabelman’s Gardens Bamboo
Gabelman's Gardens Bamboo

Gabelman's Gardens Bamboo
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Backyard Privacy Bamboo
Privacy Bamboo

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata 10 pots 1-3 ft tall. Hardy to -15 degrees F.

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Yellow Groove
Living Privacy Screen

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata or Yellow Groove


Phyllostachys Rubromarginata
Phyllostachys Rubromarginata

Phyllostachys Rubromarginata

P. Rubromarginata Bamboo

Phyllostachys Aureocaulis
Phyllostachys Aureocaulis

Phyllostachys Aureocaulis


Pseudosasa Japonica (Arrow Bamboo)
Pseudosasa Japonica

Pseudosasa Japonica


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