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Water Garden Clean-Outs

Water Garden Clean-Outs

Water garden clean-outs

Water garden Clean-outs

Water garden clean-outs are important to the life of your pond. It keeps your pond healthy for your fish, frogs and other marine type animals. Water-garden clean-outs are easier to do when done every couple of years. Or maybe even once a year. It really depends on the amount of debris that builds over a years time. Water garden clean-outs keep the methane gases from building up which will make fish sick or even die. I have nine ponds and I have a lot of water garden clean-outs to do this year. But I’m just gonna do it one at a time. Fill them back up with fish again and get more water lilies to cover them with. My water lilies are slow this year because of all the debris blocking the sun. Update: Just had my first water-lily bloom today 5/30/2014.  They are very slow this year normally I would have 10 or so blooms by now. Everything is off its timing this year. Bamboos are all shooting at the same time and that never happens. However that doesn’t change the fact that the water gardens need to be cleaned out for the health of the fish, and other animals that live there. Gases build from the first day you clean out your pond because the fish waste never stops. But it does however fertilize the plants. But get too much and you fish could get sick or even die. Here is a plant that can help you with your algae problems many times in just a few days. Read the reviews! Gabelman’s Gardens

Water Garden Clean-Outs The Sooner The Better

The sooner you get started the better. Because there will be an algae bloom. All ponds and water gardens in the sun will get an algae bloom. When this happens the water turns green like pea soup. And oxygen levels are depleted. Water garden clean-outs will eliminate the green water but you must cover 60% of the pond surface. Or the algae bloom will happen again. The best way to do this is with water lilies. Water lilies will cover the surface completely if you let them. So this is one plant that works great at keeping the algae at bay. More plants will take up all the nutrients needed for algae to grow. And without food algae cannot grow. Be sure not to over-fertilize your plants or you could be adding to the problem.

Get Your Water Plants And Water Garden Clean-Outs Right Here

I give free estimates on water garden clean outs. Northern Kentucky Area. Jeff Gabelman is the name. Water gardens are a specialty of mine. I will clean out your pond or water garden. I have about 16 years experience building and maintaining ponds and water gardens. I can clean your pond and make your fish happy and healthy again. I have my own tools and I do the work myself. Although I may bring help with me either way. I will give you a price and that will be it no matter how many people work. There will be no add on’s or extra fees just a flat rate. No matter how long it takes. I will do my best to keep all plants and fish in great condition. And I promise to clean up when I am finished and your water will be clear. I have a lot of experience with fish, water gardens and water plants. I also provide reconstruction if you want it. Call Me (859)242-1602 Jeff Gabelman Or visit our new Amazon Store and get your products shipped to your door.  www.amazon.com/shops/A13JAQNPXDNX

Thank You.

by Jeff Gabelman

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