Water Gardening for Fun or Profit

Water Gardening for Fun or Profit

Water Gardening For Fun

Water gardening can be a very rewarding experience for you or it can be a complete nightmare. And I’ve gotten to experience both. When I first started I started small and that was my first mistake. Little did I know it’s always a good idea to make a pond larger than you planned on and you’ll find out why later. Believe it or not a bigger pond is easier to maintain than a small pond. With a small pond you can only have small plants and small fish. The more water you have in your pond the easier it is to take care of. Because the waste from the fish doesn’t overpower the water so quickly. With plenty of room your plants will grow much larger and healthier. When this happens the plants use up the fish waste faster keeping the pond waste in check and the plants will benefit from this.

The Bigger The Better

Fish waste builds up fast causing algae to grow and so the nightmare begins. With large ponds you can have large plants and large fish, the fish waste will feed the plants and the pond will sustain itself. Larger plants will not allow algae to grow because they will be using all the nutrients that the algae feeds on without food algae cannot grow. Your fish will be happy and so will your plants. Your water will be clear and you can totally enjoy your pond. And your water gardening experience will be much more enjoyable.

Consider Purchasing A Pond Pump and Filter

One other thing you might want to consider is water aeration with a pump and or waterfall for added stress relieving capabilities. As well as aerating your pond and keeping the gases at a minimum. A build up of gases can kill fish. Your fish will love this as well they will be trying to swim up the waterfall. It’s fun to watch. Then in the spring the fish will get a little frisky and be chasing each other around the pond and just going crazy. It’s always good to have some water movement in your pond whether it be air stones or water pumps running falls or fountains. Water gardening is all bout what you want that’s the beauty of it, it’s all bout you.

Water Gardening for Profit

Within a few years you will start to see fish you’ve never seen before right there in your pond. you just didn’t see them because they were small and were hiding from predators. But as they grow larger they can get out without the fear of being eaten. The more different fish in your pond the more different kinds you’ll have when they cross-breed. And you can sit back and take in the profits. And enjoy your water gardening experience. Visit our newest store in the spring to get your water plants and bamboo. Here is the linkĀ www.amazon.com/shops/A13JAQNPXDNX.

Thank You

By Jeff Gabelman